Real Estate

At Trinkle Law, we understand that building, purchasing, selling and leasing real estate are high stake decisions. That is why we are committed to ensuring your rights are protected and that you are fairly represented during every phase of your real estate transaction.

Our areas of practice include commercial and residential closings; title insurance; development, planning and zoning; foreclosures; and landlord-tenant dealings.

Most real estate transactions do not warrant the need for an attorney, but if negotiations become complicated, like the following situations, an experienced real estate attorney, like one of our associates, can help.

  • Failure to close after a contract has been entered
  • Failure to follow Florida statutes regarding disclosure
  • Failure to meet construction standards
  • Short sales
  • Residential investments

Please contact attorney Robert S. Trinkle or Daniel M. Coton at (813) 752-6133 for assistance in these areas.